Our first road trip…..

After being here a few weeks, and feeling a little more settled, my boyfriend and I decided to risk the crazy French roads, and take a day trip to Andorra. Although snow season has not yet started we fancied getting a feel for the place and of course were not adverse to picking up some cheap booze!

The journey took about 3 hours in total, but the views along the way were breathtaking making the journey well worthwhile.

 Once we had reached Andorra we headed for Andorra de Vella, the capital of the country and Andorra’s most popular ski resort. We were a little disappointed by the views in the town centre, but found a lovely chalet restaurant where we grabbed some lunch and practised our Spanish amongst the locals. ( This was very confusing as we have been trying to speak French constantly for the last 2 weeks, and had now added a new language to the mix!)

After a little look round the shops, we decided to head back stopping off at a hypermarket on the outskirts, to pick up some well deserved Spanish wine and a nice bottle of bubbly which we are going to open when we move into our new house!

Although the town centre was not quite what I expected, the little towns and villages surrounding Andorra were beautiful and I cannot wait to return and try my luck at skiing next year!!

Au revoir mes amis x


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