My Favourite French Fancy’s

It’s officially a month today (and around this time) that I will finally be arriving in Toulouse, it seems like it is taking forever to come although its only been two months!!

In celebration of this I have done a little bit of shopping, and started putting together my new French wardrobe, here are a few of my faves…..

ImageTop – Glamorous £35,  Shorts – American Apparel £50, Shoes – Converse £43, Necklace – Urban Outfitters £14.


Top – Primark (No longer for sale), Vintage Levis – Urban Outfitters £32, Shoes – Urban Outfitters £45

Denim shirt – Primark £10, Dress -Glamorous £29.99, Necklace – Postcards From Aloysius $30 – Jewellery available from

All very English I feel, I am definitely going to have to try adding a French beret to my outfit when I arrive to help give my outfits a french twist!

On a final note I am doing some market research on the French fashion market as I would love to bring some ‘English Style’ to the french and would really REALLY appreciate it if anybody who is living in France could fill out the below survey – it will only take 5 minutes I pinky promise!!

Thanks 🙂

Happy Blogging!!



One more step along the way I go…..

So I am ridiculously pleased to have bagged myself a part time job for when I arrive in Toulouse, after an intense Skype interview I have been accepted as a babysitter for French speaking families…..yes I did say French Speaking…..disaster awaits!

I have also discovered an intensive language course at the Catholic Univeristy of Toulouse, this is great news to me as it gives me something to focus on when I get there, and a great way to meet other English speaking natives!!

The move looks like its getting closer and closer now, we’ve notified our landlord and I’ve handed in my notice at work, I’m itching to get over there and start my new adventure in Toulouse……



Here are a few facts about me….

I am a recent Fashion graduate from the University of Manchester, (I am 22, soon to be 23) my partner has recently been offered a job in Toulouse and after struggling in the UK job market, i thought I would try my luck in France and move over there with him!

With a passion for all things online I’ve decided to create a blog covering all things French….. my attempts to learn the language, my struggle to find a job, French food ( Frogs legs yeuch!! ) and my amazing French fashion finds.

I would love to hear from anyone who has already moved abroad, or is currently thinking about it so please comment on my posts and share your experiences and opinions with me or you can email me at: