How Time Flies……

So I have been here just over 2 weeks now, and I cannot believe how much I have already done!

The first few days after I arrived were a blur of excitement and bewilderment from moving over here, I spent most of my time exploring the little towns and villages close by, one of my favourites was Pibrac;


Pibrac is a picturesque little town on the outskirts of Toulouse, nicknamed ‘La petite Anglettere’ due to the large number of English speaking inhabitants in the village.

 The bell

Is a lovely English style traditional pub in the centre of Pibrac where you can grab an English pint and English pub food, I opted for the typically English cheese and beans jacket potato which did not disappoint!

A village full of history 

There is plenty of history surrounding the town of Pibrac, it is well known for Le Chateau de Pibrac, a converted 16th century castle, and the Basilica de St Germain a beautiful church dedicated to St Germaine Cousin.

I have also ventured into the city centre, and had a fab day trip to Andorra over the weekend, details to follow…….

Au revoir mes amis x


Let the adventure begin…..

After whats seemed like months of anticipation and waiting, I finally boarded my dreaded flight ( I am not a fan of flying! ) ready to join my boyfriend in Toulouse to start our new French life, no doubt I was feeling a tad nervous!

I arrived at our hotel in Colomiers, a small town just outside of Toulouse, feeling a little disappointed to find out it was on a trading estate, but nevertheless positive as we will only be staying here as a temporary measure until we have a house sorted.

With my flight departing late afternoon by the time I’d arrived and settled we were well into the evening, so we popped down to the local cheap and cheerful chinese buffet ( these appear to be the only restaurants open on a Sunday night in France! ) where I got to meet my boyfriends work mates, and girlfriends all who were really welcoming and friendly ( Phew! )

After all the excitement of the day I decided to get an early night in preparation for a day of exploring, who knows what tomorrow will bring!!

If anybody has recently moved to Toulouse or is new to the area, I would love to hear from you please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Au revoir mes amis x